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Craig and his team are attentive, positive, and always open to feedback . . . I truly cannot recommend Craig and his team enough.

I had the pleasure of training with Craig and his team at HIT January – March of 2019 while I was living remotely in Pittsburgh. I recommend HIT to anyone who seeks a serious dose of fitness accountability in a welcoming environment.

My commitment to strength training in the past few years has been spotty at best.  I sustained shoulder injury in spring of 2017, which I slowly began to rehab using mobility training as opposed sub-par general PT (do yourself a favor and research ‘Functional Range Conditioning’ – your life will change). Eventually my body felt tip top enough to begin to strength train again. A new FRC believer, it was imperative to find a trainer who grounds their teaching in pain-free mobility work. I was lucky to find HIT Fitness.

A first meeting with Craig was immediately promising – we worked through a movement screening (SO important for a trainer to know your mobility limits before throwing heavy weights on you) and intently focused on my goals, which consisted of building proper training education and packing muscle on to my slim frame. I quickly cancelled other trainer appointments. It was clear HIT was the right fit.

My start at HIT was not without apprehension – I was nervous to hop back in the gym, and I feared small group sessions opposed to individual coaching would yield lesser results. Both fears quickly dissipated. Craig and his team are attentive, positive, and always open to feedback. HIT is committed to cultivating a supportive and kind community. You will look forward to working out, and the members will feel like family. Programming and nutrition plans are catered per member to their specific fitness goals. I am pleased to report at the end of my remote stint with HIT, I packed on 20 pounds! If you are prepared to fully commit and give your all, HIT will help you fly.

I truly cannot recommend Craig and his team enough. My only regret is that I was not able to train with them for longer. HIT will provide you a one of a kind experience with a keen focus on smart, pain-free training. Why invest precious time and money in something ordinary? HIT is anything but ordinary – truly one of the best in the ‘burgh.

I would recommend HIT to anyone who wants to make positive change!

“I had already established a solid workout habit before I joined HIT. BUT——I knew that my workouts were not time- or energy efficient, or targeted to any specific goal.

At HIT, working with coaches has brought focus and specificity to my workouts. I know that the routines are designed especially for me, with the goal of meeting me wherever I am in my fitness journey and making me stronger and leaner. I have fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis, so I need to be super conscious of how my body moves, and how I pace myself with activities. A huge benefit of working with coaches is that I have more confidence to challenge myself with exercises, and if I experience any discomfort, my coaches will work with me to modify a movement, or substitute one that suits me better. That really helps me attack my routines and feel like an athlete, which I love.

I have come to truly understand and appreciate how interval training and strength work are so much more efficient than trying to run or walk more miles, or swim more laps. The most noticeable changes I have seen in my body since working out at HIT are muscle tone, strength, and increased range of motion in several joints, especially in my right hip. One silly bit: I’m really proud when I can easily lift things at Costco and Home Depot that people think I can’t. HA! And I was very pleased when my teenage niece commented on the muscle definition in my arms. I’m not great at accepting compliments, but it feels good that people I love have noticed how my body is changing for the better. As if this weren’t enough good stuff, one of my favorite things about HIT is that I have gained a true family of supportive friends there. I love that we support each other at the gym, and many of us socialize outside of the gym, too. I have met so many interesting people! I would recommend HIT to anyone who wants to make positive change!” 

Shannon Stevenson

I have been overweight for the majority of my adult life and came into H.I.T. at 223 lbs. I am now 180lbs and I am still working to achieve my goals!

I started at Heroes In Training in December 2016. I had broken my foot earlier in the year and I  needed to get myself in better shape. I have been overweight for the majority of my adult life and came into H.I.T. at 223 lbs (I am 6′ tall).  For ~3 years prior to joining H.I.T., I had been heavily involved in martial arts, doing both karate (Tang Soo Do) and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This kept me “in shape,” but I needed to increase flexibility, gain strength, increase endurance and lose more weight.  I had tried joining gyms in the past, but was usually just listless and felt out of my element. I’d usually just end up using one of the aerobic machines since I really didn’t know what I was doing.

My first observation when coming to H.I.T.  was the understanding and knowledge from the coaches and also the tremendous support from the other ‘heros’.  The programs are designed to start at a basic level and progress as you work each phase of it. Over the next few months, I started to notice a big difference in my strength, endurance and flexibility on the martial arts side as a result of the programs that the coaches at H.I.T.  were designing for me.

The coaches also talked to me a lot about diet, positive mindset and healthy lifestyle changes while working through my programs with me. I ended up reading several books related to these areas that were recommended to me by  the coaches. They have a fundamental understanding that ‘healthy living’ is more than just trying the latest crash/fad diets to try to achieve quick results. It takes a lifestyle change and commitment to that change to truly achieve your desired results, and more importantly, to sustain those results.

I’d also be remiss if I didn’t mention the adaptability of the coaches to work around any issues that come up or needs that I would have along the way. They take the time to understand the problems that you are having and come up with a course of action to resolve them. The mentality of ‘just work through the pain’ or ‘stop being a baby’ does not exist at Heroes In Training. ‘If it hurts, stop’ is a phrase that I’ve heard over and over again at H.I.T.!

I am now 180lbs and I am still working to achieve my goals!  More importantly though, I’ve made changes to my lifestyle and mindset to ensure that I can sustain my progress for the long haul! Thanks to all of the coaches and other heros at H.I.T. for your tremendous support!

Shawn Speer

“Hiring Craig Householder of H.I.T. Pittsburgh is the best thing I’ve done for my health in my adult life”

Craig definitely creates your plan specifically for you. He changes things up a lot so it doesn’t get boring. And what he brings is research-based. Craig is curious and always learning.  Craig will push you and challenge you. His plan takes discipline but it works and I feel great.

My results are really amazing to me. I’m a 53 yr old woman. Since I started working with Craig 5 months ago I’ve lost over 75 lbs and 20 inches. I’m gaining flexibility and mobility. My young athlete self is re-emerging.

He listens. He adapts the plan. Craig really cares about my success. If you care about your success, start working with Craig and H.I.T. Pittsburgh.

– Squirrel Hill

I feel like I’m part of a positive new community of people like me who want to feel and look better. And it’s all a reflection of Coach Craig Householder, who puts his heart and soul into really helping people

Can’t say enough about H.I.T. Fitness Pittsburgh. For years – no, decades – I didn’t do any strength training – just cardio and yoga for flexibility. I knew my muscle mass was dwindling year after year, but I didn’t know how to rebuild it. I bought all the books, the home gym equipment and all kinds of fitness gadgets and let them sit in a dusty pile in the basement. Then I tried H.I.T., and things started to change. It began with the most thorough fitness assessment I’ve have ever had. Then I started my personalized program that took into account some of my trouble spots – like my sore shoulder. It was all so new – I had to learn how to do exercises and use equipment I had never used before. I felt clunky and awkward at first, but I trusted I was on the right path. It’s been 4 months, and I had some setbacks, including the flu, but I’ve stayed as consistent as possible. I’ve gently lost 7 pounds. My pants fit again. My saddle bags are melting and my legs are feeling stronger than maybe ever before. When I flex my arm I feel a bicep there. I have a waist again! On top of all of that, I feel like I’m part of a positive new community of people like me who want to feel and look better. And it’s all a reflection of Coach Craig Householder, who puts his heart and soul into really helping people. The guy has endless energy and cares about every one of us. I can try to express how amazing H.I.T. is, but you really just need to try it yourself. If you stick with it, you will get healthier and experience positive changes in your body. Guaranteed. Coach Craig offers VIP day passes to anyone who wants to see what H.I.T. is all about. So just ask – and someday, you can be doing muscle poses in front of the “I Will” board just like us! 🙂

Cathy Fabry

Excellent gym, fantastic program, professional support, and smart coaching

I first started at HIT Pittsburgh in Feb 2016. I was ~250lbs, out of shape, and completely lost. Fast forward exactly one year,
and I am now 194lbs, have dropped two pant sizes, two shirt sizes, and am the lightest and most healthy I have been since the 7th grade! HIT gave me the support, structure, and correct ideology I needed to actually make a change.

There is no such thing as a miracle way to instantly get in shape, but HIT Pittsburgh is a complete supportive program which truly helps you to make the changes you’ve always wanted, but have never been able to make. I can’t recommend HIT Pittsburgh enough, and the results truly do speak for themselves.

Larry Walton

KILLER gym…great space, well organized, amazing and innovative equipment

Craig Householder of HIT Pittsburgh Fitness is without a doubt one of the BEST most knowledgeable and respectful trainers Pittsburgh has to offer.  “HIT” this guy up if you are looking to up your fitness game, you will NOT be disappointed!

Nicole Steele

HIT PITTSBURGH provides affordable, personalized, effective group training.

It will make a difference in your fitness and life. Friendly, inclusive trainees of all shapes sizes, genders, etc. Check it out and see if its a hit for you.

Patti Perhacs
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